Schedule a Chimney Liner Installation Before Winter

Schedule a Chimney Liner Installation Before Winter

Completing chimney repairs and inspections in Fair Lawn & Paramus, NJ

The chimney is often the most neglected part of your home. Either you don't think about your chimney at all or you aren't sure how to maintain it. Chimneys can experience a number of problems that need to be addressed quickly. Otherwise, you could be putting your home's stability and your family's health at risk.

A1 Progressive Construction LLC completes chimney repairs and inspections in the Fair Lawn, & Paramus, NJ area. Our specialists handle repairs and general maintenance for chimneys on all types of homes. Contact us today to have us take a look at your chimney.

Restore your chimney to working condition

A1 Progressive Construction works on both brick and stone chimneys. We can conduct level 2 and level 3 chimney inspections to determine the condition of your chimney. If needed, we can:

  • Take care of corrosion and excess water vapor
  • Repair the crown or seal roof flashing
  • Apply water-resistant coatings
  • Apply a new chase cover or liner

We'll find out what's wrong with your chimney and offer a solution for its repair. Schedule your chimney inspection in Fair Lawn, & Paramus, New Jersey today.